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FAQ's - Fangks
canister fangks


What flavours can I get Fangks in?

Fangks comes in a yummy chocolate flavour!

Sugar Content

How much sugar is in Fangks?

1.4g per 100g

Where does the sugar come from?

It comes from sugars naturally occurring in cocoa.


Is Fangks suitable for my child who has a food allergy?

Yes! Fangks is:
Gluten Free
Wheat Free
Yeast Free
Egg Free
Nuts Free
GMO Free
Dairy Free (when mixed with dairy free milk)

*Fangks does contain soy.

The Sweet Taste?

What is Fangks sweetened with?

Fangks is sweetened with Natvia Natural Sweetener – a 100% natural sweetener made from stevia.

V & Ve?

Is Fangks suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes! When made with non-dairy milk, Fangks is suitable for vegans.

Health Benefits

Why should my kids eat less sugar?

Better for their teeth: sugar causes tooth decay which isn’t good for little fangs.
Better for their health: sugar has been linked to diseases like obesity and diabetes. Most Australian kids consume far more sugar than the recommended daily intake.
Better for you: less sugar means less mood swings and sugar crashes!

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