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ice cream tacos

Ice Cream Tacos

  Who said tacos and ice cream don’t go well together? We’ve proven with these ice cream tacos that actually they do! The best part is it’s a simple yet delicious dessert that won’t take ages to make.

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cinnamon bun milkshake

Cinnamon Bun Milkshake

It’s almost Christmas! You know what that means – cinnamon galore! We’ve prepared a delicious cinnamon bun milkshake recipe that your kids will enjoy! After taking photos of it, they can eat the bun while drinking the milkshake – isn’t that a fun and convenient snack time rolled into one? 🙂

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chocolate frozen delight

Chocolate Frozen Delight

When you can’t choose between a soft serve and a thick shake, have this chocolate frozen delight! Use a spoon, or a (paper) straw – it all depends on the mood! This treat is refined sugar-free and gluten-free too – how can you (and the kids) say NO?

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rocky road

Rocky Road

Rocky road is easily a child’s favourite treat! What’s not to love about marshmallows and chocolate combined, anyway? It’s a pretty additional decoration to your table this coming Holidays, too! What are you waiting for – go on, and start rocking!

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spiced christmas milkshake

Spiced Christmas Milkshake

If your kids are into cinnamon as early as now, this spiced Christmas milkshake is perfect for them! It’s their regular chocolate milk with a refreshing and zesty twist. You only need four ingredients to make this refined sugar-free treat, too! We won’t keep you in here too long so you can start shaking!

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chocolate-coated marshmallows

Chocolate-Coated Marshmallows

If you’re ever in need of a cute (and edible) Christmas party decoration, we have just the answer for you! Be sure to make heaps – these chocolated-coated marshmallows might go in a jiffy!  

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gingerbread popsicles

Gingerbread Popsicles

We have our Christmas in summer, but that doesn’t mean we have less fun! We can enjoy cool, quick, and easy Christmas treats like this gingerbread popsicle. Isn’t it a frozen Christmas, after all?

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Christmas Hot Chocolate Pops

Christmas Hot Chocolate Pops

Need a simple yet fancy way of celebrating the Christmas morning or night time? We have you covered with these Christmas Hot Chocolate Pops! It should give you and the kids that wonderful Christmas feeling – all thanks to the peppermint and chocolate combo! And just a tip: you can make them personalised so everyone […]

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butterfly cupcakes

Butterfly Cupcakes

  Butterflies are amazing to look at, but imagine how prettier (and yummier) they would be in chocolate cupcake form! These butterfly cupcakes are quite an easy refined sugar-free treat to make. While you’re in there too – why not squeeze in some lessons on metamorphosis? 😉

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chocolate raspberry froyo

Chocolate Raspberry Froyo

  Whether you’re trying to get the kids to like yogurt, or you just want a new summer treat for them, this chocolate raspberry froyo is for you! There are less than five ingredients, so it’s really quick to make! This refined sugar-free treat is a great swap for ice cream, too. So what are […]

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