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fussy eater

Top Tips for Getting Fussy Eaters to Try New Food

Having a fussy eater can be frustrating, and at times can feel like it’s driving you insane. We know what it’s like, so we’ve put together a list of tips for you to try to get your fussy eater used to food, and trying new things! Eat Together One of the most important things to […]

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kids and their gadget

No Tech Time: 6 Ideas to Get the Kids Off Screens

In this day and age, there are screens every way you turn. We know that too much screen time isn’t good for kids, but it’s tough to know how and when to limit it, especially during the school holidays when the dreaded b-word comes out to play (we mean bored, by the way). It’s difficult […]

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The Effect of Sugar on Children, and How You Can Prevent It

We’ve all heard that sugar has a negative effect on children, but do you know why? What does it really do to our kids? We want you to be armed with the knowledge to protect your kids from the effects of sugar, so we’ve put together this short guide giving you all you need to […]

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Tips for dealing with your child’s allergies

Finding out your kid has an allergy can be very daunting, and trying to navigate eating times from that point on can be a real challenge. We know what it’s like, so we’ve put together this list of top tips for coping with your kid’s food allergy, to make things a little less stressful. Cook […]

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How to Get Your Kids to Love Good Food

It’s an age-old – and seemingly lifelong – battle; trying to get your kids to eat well. If you don’t think your kids are getting in enough veggies or fruit, or if they are taking in too much sugar, there are a few sneaky things you can try to get them eating really good food, […]

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How to Host a Healthier Birthday Party

There’s nothing worse than sending your kid to a birthday party, to have them returned hyped up on sugar and desperate for more. As parents, we beg other parents not to do this, and instead take our advice for hosting a healthier birthday party. Take your time Not everything has to be quick and convenient. […]

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5 Easy Sugar-Free Recipes to Make with Your Kids

Almost all of us have wonderful memories of baking as children, and arguing with our siblings over who gets to lick the spoon! It’s great fun to bake as a family, but the sugar can sometimes get a little too much. So, we’ve put together this list of super fun, sugar-free recipes that you can […]

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6 School Holiday Activity Ideas for when it’s Cold Outside

As the weather turns colder it can be quite overwhelming trying to think of activities that will keep the kids entertained during the school holidays. We know how it feels as parents, and we too want to keep that dreaded “I’m booooored!” drawl as far from our ears as possible. So, here’s a list of […]

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