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How to Get Your Kids to Love Good Food

It’s an age-old – and seemingly lifelong – battle; trying to get your kids to eat well. If you don’t think your kids are getting in enough veggies or fruit, or if they are taking in too much sugar, there are a few sneaky things you can try to get them eating really good food, […]

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How to Host a Healthier Birthday Party

There’s nothing worse than sending your kid to a birthday party, to have them returned hyped up on sugar and desperate for more. As parents, we beg other parents not to do this, and instead take our advice for hosting a healthier birthday party. Take your time Not everything has to be quick and convenient. […]

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Fangks Boredom Busters

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How to go sugar free with the WHOLE family

Cutting out sugar isn’t just another fad. Here’s how to get the whole family on board. However great the white stuff might taste, we all know that too much of it isn’t good for you. With research coming out left, right and centre, it’s no wonder that families are starting to make the choice to […]

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5 Easy Sugar-Free Recipes to Make with Your Kids

Almost all of us have wonderful memories of baking as children, and arguing with our siblings over who gets to lick the spoon! It’s great fun to bake as a family, but the sugar can sometimes get a little too much. So, we’ve put together this list of super fun, sugar-free recipes that you can […]

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6 School Holiday Activity Ideas for when it’s Cold Outside

As the weather turns colder it can be quite overwhelming trying to think of activities that will keep the kids entertained during the school holidays. We know how it feels as parents, and we too want to keep that dreaded “I’m booooored!” drawl as far from our ears as possible. So, here’s a list of […]

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Why is sugar so bad for my kids?

You’ve probably seen a lot about the sugar free movement over the past few years, especially if you’ve read any of the other articles on this website! It seems to be all the rage now, which we’re 100% delighted with. If you’re still not entirely certain quite why your little ones should be reducing their […]

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Healthy after school snacks your family can make together

When the kids get home from school, sport or pretty much anywhere really, where do they head? Straight for the fridge. We’ve got some easy snack ideas so that when they get into the kitchen, there’s something healthy to eat. Better still, they’re all recipes that you can get your little ones involved with. Make […]

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Why healthy snacks are so important for kids

When it comes to giving your kids a healthy lifestyle, what they eat between meals is just as important as what you serve them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A snack often means chips, biscuits or something sweet – but most pre-packaged snacks are filled with added sugar and artificial nasties. Not to mention the […]

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