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Lunchbox Ideas for When Everybody is Over Sandwiches - Fangks

John Mantagu, the Earl of Sandwich, had a great idea when he came up with his greatest (and only) invention. But as fantastic as sandwiches are, they can sometimes get a little monotonous, and it’s good to get your kids eating new, different and interesting things! So we’ve put together a list of top lunchbox ideas for when everybody is so over sandwiches.

  1. Bento Box Style

Probably the coolest idea of them all, is to arrange your lunches ‘Bento Box Style’. Having different little compartments for different foods can make lunchtime fun and interesting for kids and adults alike. The other great thing about Bento Box Style is that You can slot in whatever you have, including dinner leftovers – just be sure to slot a fork in too!

  1. Veggie Kebabs

Another fun idea that will get kids excited about veggies is to stick them on a kebab. You can chop and arrange all their favourite veg on a stick, and they can have a whale of a time tucking in. Just be sure to get blunt kebab sticks, or to snip off the sharp end to avoid any mishaps at lunchtime. You can put almost anything on a kebab, and seeing all the veggies lined up in such a fun way can encourage kids to try things they might not normally try.

  1. Yoghurt in a jar

Yoghurts are a lunchbox staple, but the amount of sugar that comes in a lot of kids’ lunchbox-sized brands is astonishing. Instead, add some natural or Greek yoghurt in a small jar and top with fruit or a little honey to make a much healthier snack.

  1. DIY Lunchables

Kids love Lunchables – they’re just so exciting! Unfortunately, they are much more processed than most of us would like. Why not put together your own using wholegrain crackers, with your choice of meat, cheese and veggie slices to make a much more nutritious version of every kids favourite lunchtime nibbles.

  1. Egg Cups

If you’re just looking to replace the sandwich element in your kid’s lunchbox, then try making some egg cups. There are loads of different filling combinations from ham and cheese, to chorizo and peppers. The protein in these tasty cups will keep your kids feeling full and going for the rest of their school day, and as they’re baked they have much less oil or fat than fried eggs, but taste just as good – if not better!

  1. Healthy treats

It’s tough not to give your kids a treat for lunch, especially when you know everybody else is getting chocolate and cookies in their lunchboxes. But instead of giving in to the sugar temptation, pick something sugar free yet delicious to give your kids as a treat. Fangks is a sugar-free milk drink that’s sweetened with 100% natural sweetener, and is also allergen-free, meaning that every kid can enjoy this sweet treat. It also comes in two flavours – chocolate or strawberry – so whatever your kids taste they’re certain to love it.

  1. Favourite Foods

Don’t feel as though you have to stick to sandwiches or wraps or rolls just because they’re the norm. If your kids love pasta, rice or couscous, then send them to school with a much more interesting lunch. There are plenty of pasta, salad, rice and couscous recipes that can be enjoyed cold, and your kids will be so excited to find some of their favourite foods in their lunchbox.

What’s the most exciting thing that you’ve put in your lunchbox? Will you be more adventurous now you’ve seen our list of ideas, and seen how fun lunchtime can be? Let us know in the comments below what you’d love to see in your lunchbox, and what idea you’ll be trying out this week!

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