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Book week costume ideas for when you’ve (almost) run out of time - Fangks

It seems to come around quicker every year. The chorus of ‘but Mum, I need a costume TOMORROW’ that every parent, even the most well-read, dreads.

While we love Book Week, we also know too well that organising costumes isn’t always the most enjoyable part of the school year – especially when your little ones have neglected to remind you until it’s too late. Never fear! Here are 5 easy suggestions you can whip up the night before if need be, and all without resorting to sending them as a character from Frozen.

  1. Sports stars

Does your little one play sport, or at least have access to a uniform? There’s heaps of Aussie kids’ books that feature sports stars from AFL to netball to soccer. All the kids need is their uniform from the weekend – just remember to give it a wash first!

Books: Specky Magee series by Felice Arena and Garry Lyon (AFL); Maxx Rumble series by Michael Wagner (AFL, soccer, cricket); Netball Gems series by Bernadette Hellard and Lisa Gibbs (Netball)

  1. Everyday heroes

So many stories just feature ordinary, everyday kids. We love this throughout the year for providing relatable role models, but especially during Book Week because it makes costumes so much easier. Think Enid Blyton characters, Matilda – just add a pair of specs and a stack of books – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or anything by Melina Marchetta or John Green for older readers.

  1. Box it up

The humble cardboard box can become all kinds of costumes. Our favourite idea is decorating the front of it as your child’s favourite book. Just make sure you’ve cut arm and head-holes big enough to allow your kids to move comfortably. The best thing about this costume is that they can take it off after the parade and wear comfy clothes for the rest of the day.

  1. Raid the dress-up box

Got a crown, a cape or a set of fairy wings already in the house? Sounds like you’ve already got a costume! Find a book on the shelf or at the library that features a character that suits what you already have. This is also a great way to introduce your kids to new books!

  1. Pyjamas

Oh, yes. The ultimate lazy-parent costume is actually surprisingly versatile. Think The Sleepover Club for girls, Peter Pan, Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, or the 12 little girls from Madeline getting up in the morning. Make sure there’s no breakfast left over on them, and you’re good to go without even getting the kids changed!

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