It’s an age-old – and seemingly lifelong – battle; trying to get your kids to eat well. If you don’t think your kids are getting in enough veggies or fruit, or if they are taking in too much sugar, there are a few sneaky things you can try to get them eating really good food, and loving it too.

How to sneak the veggies in
Most kids love a big bowl of pasta with some kind of tomato sauce – but why just leave it at toms? Tomato sauce is a great place to start; because it’s red, it can be fairly easy to sneak extra veggies in without them knowing. Roast a few red or orange peppers, blend them up and throw in during cooking. Or, you could grate a couple of carrots in right before you serve up. The red sauce disguises these lighter coloured veggies, and most kids never even know they’re getting three veg all at once!
You can do the same with white or cheese sauce by steaming and blending cauliflower to add into the mix. Then next time you serve up one of the sneaky veg and your kids claim they don’t like it, you can reveal your trickery and insist they gobble it up with no complaint!

Get them in the kitchen
Another great way to get kids eating good food is to let them get to know their food. Get the kids in the kitchen with you, and teach them about all the different ingredients you use. Let them feel, smell and even taste some of the ingredients you’re cooking with, and answer their questions too. Get on google beforehand and arm yourself with some fun and nutritional facts about veggies and fruits that your kids will find interesting.
If your kids are in the kitchen helping you out, they’ll be much more interested in eating what they’ve helped create.
Really try to have fun with your kids too; accept that things will probably get a little messy, and be okay with that. It will be worth it to see your kids having fun, and even enjoying their creations later on too!

Find a yummy treat
When pursuing a healthier diet with your kids it’s important to make an allowance for treats, as making them “forbidden” can make things more difficult. Try to find a great treat that isn’t bad for them. Like Fangks – it’s a yummy treat that kids will absolutely love. It comes in two flavours – chocolate or strawberry – and 100% naturally sweetened, meaning that your kids will get all the taste that they love, but none of the sugar that isn’t any good for them or their teeth.
There’s also loads of recipes on the Fangks website that are fun to make with kids, and really delicious too, so all the family can enjoy the indulgence they need from time to time, without the guilt, sugar or calories that can come alongside a treat.
So those are our top tips for helping your kids along on their way to loving food that’s good, and good for them. Let us know if you see success with any of our tips by commenting on this post!

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