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August 2017 - Fangks

Sugar-free Chocolate Crackles

As long as chocolate crackles are a must-serve at childrens’ parties, they will NEVER get old! It’s not just the delicious chocolatey taste that gets you hooked, but also that crackling sensation in your mouth that completes the experience. Serve it with kids or adults and we guarantee it to still be a HIT – […]

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Lunchbox Ideas for When Everybody is Over Sandwiches

John Mantagu, the Earl of Sandwich, had a great idea when he came up with his greatest (and only) invention. But as fantastic as sandwiches are, they can sometimes get a little monotonous, and it’s good to get your kids eating new, different and interesting things! So we’ve put together a list of top lunchbox […]

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Hidden Veggie Smoothie

Whether you have picky little ones who turn their noses up at even the thought of a vegetable, or you just want to get some extra fruits and veggies into their diets, this hidden vegetable smoothie ticks all the boxes! It’s a chocolate version of the green smoothies us adults enjoy, and is packed full […]

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The Hidden Sugars in Kid’s Food

You might be surprised to see the amount of sugar that is hidden in kids’ snacks and foods. Excess sugar consumption can have health consequences for little ones, including tooth decay among other health problems. So where exactly is this sugar – and how can you and your family avoid it?

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Rainbow Surprise Cake

This cake may look like a chocolate cake from the outside, but cut into it to reveal the rainbow layers inside! This fabulous cake is topped with a chocolate Fangks icing and is sure to be a hit at any birthday party, for young or not so young guests.

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Book Week Craft Ideas

If your kids still can’t get enough of all things Book Week, or you have little ones not yet at school who want to get a piece of the Book Week action, take a look at these great kid-friendly craft ideas!

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Chocolate Monster Milkshake

This one will really impress the kids! Top a sugar free milkshake with all their favourite toppings to make a choc-banana monster milkshake that’s sure to make their whole week.

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Book week costume ideas for when you’ve (almost) run out of time

It seems to come around quicker every year. The chorus of ‘but Mum, I need a costume TOMORROW’ that every parent, even the most well-read, dreads. While we love Book Week, we also know too well that organising costumes isn’t always the most enjoyable part of the school year – especially when your little ones […]

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Strawberry Monster Milkshake

Your little monsters will go wild for these strawberry Monster Milkshakes! They’re great to serve little ones who are celebrating a birthday, and lots of fun to make!

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Tips for dealing with your child’s allergies

Finding out your kid has an allergy can be very daunting, and trying to navigate eating times from that point on can be a real challenge. We know what it’s like, so we’ve put together this list of top tips for coping with your kid’s food allergy, to make things a little less stressful. Cook […]

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