There’s nothing worse than sending your kid to a birthday party, to have them returned hyped up on sugar and desperate for more. As parents, we beg other parents not to do this, and instead take our advice for hosting a healthier birthday party.

Take your time
Not everything has to be quick and convenient. You might be worried about getting stressed on the day, and end up buying a load of super quick foods and snacks that are easy to prepare, but also packed with a lot of unnecessary sugar and salt. Instead, prep in advance.
Make some homemade sausage rolls and mini pizzas and pop them in the fridge the day before, then into the oven the morning of the party. If you are really prepared, you could even freeze them, and then bake them on the day. Take your time prepping the food now, so you don’t have to stress later.

Don’t carb load
It can be tempting to pick up all the classic party favourites that you know the kids will wolf down in no time, but it really doesn’t do anyone any favours. If when selecting the food for the party it all seems to be one colour, then you’re probably starting to carb load with convenient foods.

Don’t skimp on the veg
A lot of parents worry that if they lay out the veggies they’ll just get wasted as no one’s kid will eat them, but that just isn’t true. Kids love to eat what other kids eat, especially the birthday kid. So if your kids loves carrot sticks and cucumber, almost every single other kid there will too.
But get creative with the veggies as well. You could arrange the veg into the shape of an animal, or even a well-loved character. There are endless ideas on Pinterest, so make sure you check it out for creative veggie inspiration.

Sweet treats
Of course, sweet treats are an absolute must at any kid’s birthday party – it wouldn’t be a party without cake! But to avoid over doing it on the sugar, try out using some safe alternative sweeteners to sugar. Being sweetened with 100% natural, organic sweetener, Fangks is a great product to use as an ingredient for sweet treats, and also as a yummy drink for the kids. These party-perfect cake pops make great little treats for little ones. Or try these Rainbow Cupcakes that offer a surprise with every bite! Or add some colour to the table with this fantastic Rainbow Cheesecake. No one would ever guess that these treats are almost completely sugar free, and won’t be giving the kids any nasties!

So there are our top tips for hosting a healthier birthday party, without giving up on any of the fun! What idea will you be trying for your next party? Let us know in the comments how you make your birthday parties fun, healthy and happy for all!

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