As the weather turns colder it can be quite overwhelming trying to think of activities that will keep the kids entertained during the school holidays. We know how it feels as parents, and we too want to keep that dreaded “I’m booooored!” drawl as far from our ears as possible. So, here’s a list of six super fun activities to keep everyone happy when the weather turns its back on you!

  1. Treasure Hunt

Almost as much fun for parents as it is for kids, the Indoor Treasure Hunt can come in many varieties with lots of back-story possibilities, all inside the house! Whether your kids are into pirates or princesses, there’s some kind of treasure that they’ll want to hunt, and it can be just as fun for parents to hide it and draw the map as it is for the kids to find the treasure! The “treasure” can be anything from a much-beloved toy to a bundle of fruit! The fun is in the finding it, so there’s no need to break the bank or even step outside!

  1. Obstacle Course

It’s surprising what you can create with a little furniture moving and a few cushions and blankets. Pretend the floor is a croc-infested river, the sofa is your ship; create blanket tunnels and broomstick jumps! Grab anything you can and get creative and build an indoor assault course of fun for your littles!

  1. Pizza Party

On the days that it’s too cold to go out and you’re stuck for ideas for dinner – have a pizza party! Get messy teaching the kids how to make fresh dough, and let them choose all the toppings for their very own pizzas. Have a wide range of veg for them to choose from (you might be surprised what they pick!) and a couple of their favourites too. Watch the pizzas bake together, and then enjoy your fabulous creations together as a family round the table.

  1. Karaoke Dance Party

If it’s been too cold out for a few days and the kids are starting to get a little agitated, it’s time to let loose to some tunes! Put on a CD of old favourites, or hop on to YouTube to belt some ballads and dance around the front room letting off some steam (and wearing the kids out!) Make up a fun new dance to your kids’ favourite song, or play them one of your favourites and show them the moves. You’ll feel as though bedtime never came around so quick!

  1. Write letters to your heroes

Is there someone your kids really admire? Maybe a star athlete, a pop singer, or even a politician that they absolutely love? Take the afternoon to do a little research and write them a letter! If your kids aren’t quite old enough to write yet, help them out, or have them draw a picture of their hero. Letter-writing truly is a dying art, so let it live a little longer by teaching your kids all about it. If they aren’t sure who to write to, they could write a letter to their older self, talking about their favourite hobbies and things to do, and what they aspire to be when they grow up. Keep it for when they’re older and it will be something wonderful for you both to look back on one day.

  1. Build a Den & Drink Hot Chocolate

When the weather is really bitter, it’s time to get really cosy. Grab some blankets, cushions, and anything comfy you can find, and build a big den! String some fairy lights around to make it magical, and grab some favourites books for story time. Then get super cosy by making some yummy Fangks hot chocolate, with their sugar free chocolate powder. Kind to teeth and with no artificial sweeteners you’ll feel happy giving your kids something that they’ll find really yummy, and that is good for them too! A perfectly warming treat for colder days.

And those are our six school holiday activities for when it’s cold outside! Exciting, creative, and fun for all the family, these activities will have your kids hoping it’s cold every day, so that they can have all the fun again tomorrow!

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