Why we created FANGKs?

Most kids love to come home to a milkshake, but the leading brands of flavoured powders usually contain a lot of sugar. That’s where Fangks comes in! Fangks chocolate and strawberry flavoured milk mixes contain no sugar and are naturally sweetened with natvia.

Sweetened with 100% all natural Natvia.

Natvia’s made with two natural ingredients. The first is stevia, which has no calories. The second is erythritol, which is a naturally fermented sugar alcohol.

Fangks Benefits


We have remove the sugar and replace it with th 100% All Natural Sweetener, Natvia.

100% Natural

Fangks has absolutely NO nasty artificial ingredients, colouring or sweeteners in it.

Allergen Free

Absolutely No Nuts, Gluten, eggs, wheat or dairy.

No Tooth Decay

This is the biggy. No Tooth decay with Fangks. Without the refine sugar, the bacteria has no chance to grow thus no visit to the dentist!.

Available from the following retailers.

  • "Fangks is literally perfect for my hot chocolate lover Ivy, especially because whenever I bring her anything she says 'faaaaaaangks'!"

  • "If you're finding it difficult to get your little munchkins onto drinking milk, just a few teaspoons of Fangks should do the trick! 👌 and I'll let you in on a little secret, with every serving of Fangks, your little ones will be getting their daily intake of vitamins and minerals without them even realizing it! but shhh, let's keep this healthy part just between you and I!"


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